How do I Fund my Startup


By Harel Israeli

The Lecture will be divided into three parts:
1. Israel Startup Ecosystem
> General background over the last decade
> Trends and Exits
> Exporting Israeli high-tech – the entrepreneurial culture in Israel
> Research and Development in Israel
2. Funding For Your Startup 
> FFF – Family, Friends & Fools
> Technological Incubators in Israel
> Venture capital funds
> Angels
> Self-Financing
> IIA – Israel Innovation Authority – detailed explanation
3. Implications of the R & D Law
> Royalties’ Regulations
> Exit
> IP Transfer
> Royalties’ Regulations
> Production Transfer
> Summary

Harel Israeli – Nice to meet you
Even though I am originally an accountant with a master’s degree in finance, a field that usually belongs to gray and boring people, I have an unexplained interest in start-ups and technological innovation. So I’m definitely not a typical accountant 🙂

In less than two years at EY (the biggest accounting firm in Israel), I realized it was not for me. I wanted to do something different so I moved with my family to NY. In a short time I found myself as an active partner in an Israeli start-up. I created partnerships with companies in various fields, including airlines, car rentals, zoos and museums.
After two years in New York we returned to Israel and I rejoined EY. This time it was a completely different story. I joined as a consultant helping different technology companies (start-ups and multinational technological companies) shape their technology and business plans and file their funding applications to different government entities in Israel and abroad. As well, I created technology collaboration with large multinationals and research institutions, supported them in building an innovative strategy, and to establish open innovation entities (Incubators, CVC , Open innovation Labs, etc.).

A few months ago I started a new way of independent consulting in the field of innovation and incentives.
Hope to see you at Yarok,and talk about all your options to receive grands from the IIA.


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18:00 - 19:00

Ruppin academic center
Kfar Monash