The Yarok community invites you to join us and be part of a community of dozens of companies that are already benefiting from a work environment that satisfies all their needs. We offer a quiet, pleasant work environment where you feel encouraged to work together with others and share ideas and knowledge.

Yarok’s coworking spaces promote collaboration and dialog and enhance productivity. It is a supportive, encouraging environment that lets you thrive. We also host meetings and sessions with experts and thought leaders in fields like R&D, innovation, design, so that you can obtain the tools you need for your professional and individual growth and success.


Megasoft is about people who love to code. Any language, any technology, any platform. We make dreams come true. A bunch of crazy developers with experience from the best hi-tech and startup companies in Israel who got together and simply want to design and deliver cool projects.


GoodCar is changing the way you research pre-owned vehicles online. Our mission is to give you the information and tools you need to buy, own & sell a good car - without the expensive price tag.


HolistiCyber brings years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Our certified experts are cyber security veterans of the intelligence branch of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).


Fusion Partners is a team of highly experienced, knowledgeable professionals dedicated to matching startups struggling with investments and companies looking for new avenues, expanding their portfolio, new opportunities, and new challenges.


Talk Space - Online therapy is the delivery of mental health counseling via the Internet. People also know it as e-therapy, distance therapy, Internet therapy and web therapy.


Friendly Parking Systems is an Israeli start-up that specializes in the development, manufacturing and sales of automated and robotic parking systems, nationally and internationally. The company’s most popular product is a type of i-robot that can automatically park a vehicle in any parking environment.


Remoty - We are a multidisciplinary team building an AR & AI solution to empower people to help each other solve their technical challenges.

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Tal Ben Yaakov Technologies - M.Sc Aerospace Engineering | Aerospace Consulting | Toy Developer


Clika Human Resources specialises in customised HR support and advice to companies who wish to release the burdens, risks and time involved in Human Resources to a professional provider.


Custom tailored technological solutions. Com-N-Sense is engaged in research, development and implementation of technological solutions combining software, image / video processing, sensors, sensor systems and monitoring and control systems.


We bridge the marketing gap between the company’s abilities and fulfilment - converting potential to high performance. MKB delivers turnkey solutions with one focal point for your peace of mind. Via strategic branding, a marketing plan that includes an optimal blend of channels (Digital, PR, Events and more), innovative ideas and outstanding results, we help our customers achieve their goals, leading to increased awareness, exposure and lead generation.


With years of experience in the hosting world, we observed the amazing growth of WordPress websites. We decided to invest all of our time, effort and ingenuity into developing a unique product that has already changed the rules of the game concerning WordPress Management Hosting.


Education Cities - development, implementation, and dissemination of glocal educational innovation, which is focused on the journey from a Pyramid to a Network, and aimed at generating social, environmental, and economic value to the world and to all the partners in this journey.


Altair is a leading provider of enterprise-class engineering software enabling innovation, reduced development times, and lower costs through the entire product lifecycle from concept design to in-service operation.


Innovate ventures (in short, pronounced eye-eight ventures), is the business platform of Prof. Yesha Sivan focusing on innovating innovating. (Note: i8 ventures replaces both Metaverse-labs ltd. and Yasib Ltd.).


Cleanergy is an Energy management office.

We are providing high class energy management services to manufacture facilities, tier one nursing & Senior housing, Sport Clubs etc.

If energy management (saving but not only) is on your agenda, we will be happy to assist.

Today we are in a technology life where speed, approach, quality, modularity, innovation are Important features in general and especially, nevertheless any product that we use it so much importance, but the question is the essence of the use of this product ,whether the use is beneficial or harmful?

Sapirience specializes in motorcycle tours to over 20 destinations throughout the world.  From the Far East & Asia, through Europe & Africa and to the Americas, whether it be a short holiday or longer excursions, we know motorcycle touring and have turned it into a culture, guaranteeing a lifelong unforgettable experience.


Lynguru app studio, from the pioneers of mobile and web development, is a boutique for developing quality apps that stand in the front row of the technological progress. The company offers a variety of services in the fields of technology and software on the web to business owners and entrepreneurs from different areas.


Green Arava develops sustainable agricultural businesses in developed areas and emerging economies, with expertise in transformation of semi-arid and arid regions.

SunDo - Revolutionise Agricultural Volunteering.
SunDo is an agri-community platform powered by HaShomer HaChadash that connects farmers with volunteers seeking a meaningful and collaborative work experience, thereby generating significant social impact.

Q-Biz | eCommerce Agency is Israel’s leading Shopify Partner, helping small-mid size companies generate better sales online.

Cedarcom is a consulting company that specializes in all aspects of Unified communications including:
  • Video conference - all vendors
  • AV (multimedia)
  • Designing and planing
  • Meeting rooms & boardrooms, auditoriums , Control centers, visitor centers
  • Digital signage
  • Smart home
  • Telephony & Mobile device management
  • Data communications
  • Low voltage systems

OMEGA360 specialize in comprehensive web services including characterization, development, design and programming of top-notch web sites for a variety of customers in Israel.
Galit and Omer who lead the company are also partners in life, bringing their professional and dynamic approach as well as a cumulative experience of over 35 years.


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We believe that your home is a sacred space 
As such, we understand that fragrance has the power to transform an ordinary space to a special one that keeps you happy, satisfied and calm.

We developed a palm-sized, portable device that will soon replace inefficient sprays, old-fashioned candles and clumsy air fresheners.
With the touch of your finger on your smartphone, you can customize your Scent-experience, making this device perfect for the modern homeowner.

CargoSys is a revolutionary online system for importer/expoter to get a number of price offer from any forwarder.

DI provides a live and proactive cloud-based system, which automatically extracts and predicts precise actionable information from existing critical transportation-infrastructure imagery. We are fortunate to have built a round table of diverse industry professionals who bring decades of experience in the operation and maintenance of tunnels and bridges to one setting – something that has never been done before.